Kingdom of Hawai段

[Kingdom Seal]

Interim Provisional Government Council
Privy Council

Notice of Objection
Cease and Desist

Whereas the de jure Kingdom of Hawai段, through the Privy Council of the Interim Provisional Government, hereby gives this NOTICE OF OBJECTION to John Van Hove alias Johnny Liberty and his unauthorized publication and sale of his so-called "Hawai段ans Sovereignty Handbook".

Whereas at no time was there any authorization, permission, approval, sanction, or consent from the Privy Council of the Interim Provisional Government for such publication or its contents. Contrary to your alleged filer, you state that you are working with the Provisional Government for the Kingdom of Hawai段.

Whereas you did meet at least twice with the Privy Council members Daniel Sibonga, Minister of the Interior and Dennis W. Ragsdale, Advocate General regarding the above mentioned matter. You where also made aware of renegade Mr. Lindsey痴 lawful removal from Office, and lacks any lawful authority to function in any Kingdom of Hawai段 official capacity.

Whereas you were made aware of these fact but continue to follow the renegade and usurper supporting his fraudulent actions. You also claimed to be learned in the law, however your actions violate the Common Law, the Constitution and Laws of the de jure America, and the Law of the de jure Kingdom of Hawai段, not to mention the Law of Nation. You may deceive the masses of People who are ignorant of the Law. But, from our research and reviewing your work, you are just a compiler of other People痴 work, lacking the full concept of what you publish. Therefore you are not a Honorable, Trustworthy, or an Ethical man, lacking Virtue and Honesty. You are just as despicable as the bankers, attorneys, or the like. You bend and twist the Law for your benefit and profit. You are a Patriot for Profit just trying to sell books, not to help the People learn the truth.

Whereas you have unlawfully taken a official position as General Advocate Liaison a (page B66 & B67 of you handbook) position held by the Honorable John B. Nelson the author of the Article 41 -- Position Papers, approved, authorized and signed by the Privy Council. Mr. Lindsey was a signatory and a officer and member of Council until his lawful removal from office for violation of Privy Council resolutions and the laws of the Kingdom of Hawai段. Mr. Lindsey痴 bases his source of authority in our Position Papers. We, John B. Nelson, General Advocate Liaison; Roy Dahlin, Minister of Finance; Daniel Sibonga, Minster of the Interior; Dennis W. Ragsdale, Advocate General; and Russell A. Stewart, Minister of Foreign Affairs; who are all currently holding and performing their respective offices and duties.

Whereas only Mr. Lindsey was removed from office. He has no lawful authority, right, power, obligation, or duty of any lawful and valid officer of trust in the Kingdom of Hawai段, nor does he lawful authority, right, power, obligation, or duty to delegate any lawful authority to anyone else.

Whereas you knowingly and willingly usurped authority, committing fraud, conspiracy, and treason against the Privy Council of the Interim Provisional Government Council, the Kingdom of Hawai段, and its People. You also are violating treaties between the united States of America and the Kingdom of Hawai段 pursuant to the Law of Nations.

Whereas your so-called Hawai段ans Sovereign Handbook is full of false, fraudulent, incomplete, incorrect, misleading, and deceptive information. You, John Van Hove alias Johnny Liberty follow a dishonorable, dishonest, deceitful person like Mr. Lindsey, you have become like him a dishonorable, dishonest, deceitful person, impersonating a government official.

Therefore, You, John Van Hove alias Johnny Liberty are commanded to CEASE AND DESIST the sale and distribution of your unauthorized Hawai段ans Sovereign Handbook, unless granted authority of this Privy Council.

If you do not comply with these demands, the Kingdom of Hawai段 through the Privy Council of the Interim Provisional Government reserves all rights to amend, alter, delete, correct, insert, enclose, add, attach any documents to make your Hawai段ans Sovereign Handbook more fact than fiction.

The Kingdom of Hawai段 through the Privy Council of the Interim Provisional Government reserves the right to republish and circulate your Hawai段ans Sovereign Handbook at whatever cost we see fit or at no cost at all, to ensure that the highest integrity of truthful information is distributed to the People of Hawai段.

Done so this 15th day of March, 1996 Anno Domini.

[Seal]    (Sig.)                                                             (Sig.)                                      [Seal]
Roy Dahlin, Minister of Finance,                         Dennis W. Ragsdale, Advocate General,
Sui Juris, Jure Soli,                                                   Sui Juris, Jure Soli,
Jure Sanguinis, Jure Coronea
                                 Jure Sanguinis, Jure Coronea

[Seal]    (Sig.)                                                            (Sig.)                                     [Seal]
Daniel Sibonga, Minister of the Interior,             Russell Stewart, Acting Minister of
Sui Juris, Jure Soli,                                                 Foreign Affairs, Sui Juris, Jure Soli,
Jure Sanguinis, Jure Coronea                                Jure Sanguinis, Jure Coronea

Note: Personally Served on John Van Hove alias Johnny Liberty at Waikiki Elementry by Mr. Henry M. Noa.
           This Document has not been recorded in the Bureau of Conveyances.